Why the Frog?



OCT-PinkThe Pink Preston Frog: Breast Cancer Awareness


For the first ever special edition frog, the Preston Automotive Group introduced the pink frog to support the fight against breast cancer. For years, our very own Diana Vincent, led the charge in various breast cancer awareness events within Preston as both employees and family members have been affected by this disease. Every October we go pink in remembrance of Diana and the millions suffering from cancer around the world. We proudly provide pink frogs to our customers in October and help raise money and awareness to support an end to this disease.


NOV-YellowNovember 2015
The Yellow Preston Frog: Veterans Day

The military is always close to our hearts here at the Preston Automotive Group. We do whatever we can to help those who have served our country. Not only do we always offer new vehicle discounts for current and former military members as well as their families, but we also partner with local organizations that assist veterans. If you are a member of any branch of the military then know that the Preston Automotive Group is here for you and your family.


FEB-RedFebruary 2016
The Red Preston Frog: American Heart Association

Every February we support the American Heart Association by giving every customer who purchases a vehicle from us a red frog. The American Heart Association was near and dear to Ms. Pansy, Dave Sr’s mom. It was her idea to add this organization as the 3rd special edition frog. Anyone who had met Ms. Pansy knows how much she loved supporting the community so in remembrance of Ms. Pansy, we continue to support this organization in her honor.


AUG-TieDyeAugust 2016
The Tie Dye Preston Frog: Childhood Cancer Awareness

When August rolls around, the goal of the Preston Automotive Group is to spread awareness in the fight to cure childhood cancer. At Preston, we are proud to say that we partner with Nemours Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children, which is a nonprofit pediatric health system dedicated to life-saving medical care and research. Peg Wilson's mother, Marie, always believed in and supported this organization so in her honor, each year we continue to proudly support childhood cancer awareness.


APR-PurpleApril 2017
The Purple Preston Frog: March of Dimes

In April we support the March of Dimes to help raise money and awareness to support healthier babies. March of Dimes focuses on research and prevention of premature births while educating medical professionals and the public about best practices. We chose this organization as a couple of our own employees have directly benefitted from research and development funded by March of Dimes. We believe every baby deserves the best possible chance to live a healthy life and April is the month we dedicate to this hope.





MAY-GrayMay 2019
The Gray Preston Frog: Brain Tumor Awareness

In 2018, one of our technicians at Preston Ford passed away suddenly from a brain tumor. Every May we honor Paul and his family during Brain Tumor Awareness month. Paul knew how to put a smile on anyone’s face and there is no better way to remember him by putting a gray frog in everyone’s dash during the month of May.



SEP-GoesPurpleSeptember 2019
The White Preston Frog Wearing Purple: Preston Goes Purple

Substance abuse is an epidemic and the Preston Automotive Group wants to do what we can to bring a stop to this issue. Preston is proud to go purple to stand against substance abuse and keep everyone aware of the dangers that come with addiction. Our goal is to encourage customers to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle so they can enjoy a fruitful life with the ones that they love. Overdoses, hospitalizations, and death have been all too prominent in our small-town community. The Preston Automotive Group is drawing a line in the sand when it comes to substance abuse, proudly going purple in the month of September.


JUN-BlueJune 2020
The Blue Preston Frog: Save the Bay

The Preston Automotive Group is proud to go blue in June to support the health of the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay is about 200 miles long separating the Eastern Shore of Maryland from mainland USA. The Bay is one of the largest in the world and home to the infamous Maryland Crabs, Oysters, Rockfish, and much other marine wildlife. In June we go blue to support the many conservationist groups doing their part in protecting the Chesapeake Bay.



MAR-NavyMarch 2023
The Navy Blue Preston Frog: Technician Program Support

Preston Automotive Group's unwavering appreciation for advanced education is why we proudly dedicate the Navy Preston Frog to local automotive technician programs. Our goal is to give back to the community through our donations to the following schools: Delcastle Tech, Del Tech Owens, CCTC Caroline County Automotive Program, Parkside Career Tech Center, Carroll County Tech, and Queen Anne’s Tech. When service technicians enroll in these exceptional automotive programs to become certified, they have our full support every step of the way. We pridefully color our Preston Frog Navy to show our love and appreciation for continued learning, growth, and education.


APR-PinkBlueApril 2023
The Pink & Blue Tie-Die Preston Frog: Premature Pregnancy & Infant Awareness

The Preston Frog is colored Pink & Blue in support of all of the families that have lost a child far too soon. Premature pregnancy and infant loss are unbearable tragedies, and we strive to be there in the ways we can for those affected. Together, we raise awareness to honor the innocent lives lost and focus our efforts on giving the affected families all of the love, support, and resources they deserve. We have proudly donated to proactive preemie organizations such as the Tears Foundation and March of Dimes, who spread awareness, conduct research, offer counseling, and are committed to advocating for their cause.


APR-PinkBlueJuly 2023
The Fireworks Frog: Supporting Local School-Children

Summertime may be a joyous season for most, but for some members of the community, it could mean not getting a hot school lunch every day or the proper resources that their schools provide. The Preston Frog features a Red, White, and Blue Fireworks design in support of local schools and families. We partnered with five proactive food pantries and backpack programs that supply meals to children in the community on the weekends and during the summer months. With the help of these organizations, we are able to give back to school-aged children and spread awareness regarding the food insecurity issue within our communities. It is our goal to provide the proper nourishment and resources to all families in need. We color the Frog in a vivid fireworks pattern to ensure no child goes hungry and that our community is taken care of!